Top 5 Android Apps to Manage Personal Expenses

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Managing personal expenses is a demanding and very important task.  With the advent of modern bookkeeping and payment methods, there has been an increasing mishandling and mis-organization. But Android developers have addressed this problem by developing many apps for personal finance management. These apps are light, easy to use and plenty. However, there are a lot of apps and therefore its difficult to select one . We have shortlisted 5 top personal expense management apps. You can download Andromoney for free from Google Play Store

  1. AndroMoney

AndroMoney Android Personal Expenses app

AndroMoney is a simple, thorough and neat looking expense tracker which has light and attractive interface. When you are going to pay for something, you open AndroMoney on your phone and enter the amount you are going to pay. Then you choose the appropriate category, and then your entire transaction is recorded in no time. This helps you trace and remember all your transactions at any time , even after a long time.

2. Toshl Finance Budget & Expense

ToshI Android Personal App

Toshl is a cross-platform heritage. It doesn’t matter what operating system platform you use on your mobile, or even a desktop computer . you can use Toshl no matter what. It is as pretty and compact as a widget. You simply log in and ready to go. It helps you track all your expenses and gives you a visual representation of all the financial data. It also allows syncing to the cloud for backup purpose  and you can also sync  multiple devices sync, so your family business , small businesses and other financial matters. ToshI Finance Budget & Expense Manager can also be downloaded for free from Play Store

3.  MyExpense

Myexpenses Android App for Personal Finance

MyExpenses Manager is a finance analyzer and organizer with an hi-tech interface to present you an accurate financial analysis. It also generates comprehensive reports about the expenses and possible savings that can be accommodated. It works by designing a database at installation. It tells you where you are wasting money, and which field or department need more financial attention. It comes in both free and paid versions so you are free to choose which one is more better for you. Download this amazing app from Google Play Store

4. Mint:

Mint Money Manager

Mint  lets you manage all your money matters in an organized and easy way.  It allows you to see all your money, where It is, where it is being transaction, and what are your account balances. You can also draw up household budgets and notifies you if you aren’t following it. It helps you set up an entire plan, planning savings, tracking utilities ,purchases , etc. it uses only the information you feed to it, and doesn’t actually use your money at all. Download Mint Money Manager for Free.

5. GNU cash

GNU Cash

This is for those folks who have an open source approach. This app is a free open source app for tracking and managing your finances. Its cross platform as well, therefore, it works on Linux, BSD, Solaris, OS X and windows as well.  It gives a detailed idea accounts detailed reports and graphs to help you understand how you’re spending money. It tells you where you have spend your money, and if it was economical or not. It notifies you when you are spending in access. Download GNU Cash for Free from Google Play Store


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