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PSL final in Lahore after Lahore Blast

Peshawar Zalmi wins against Lahore Qalandars in PSL 2017
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Pakistan started its premier Cricket league in 2016 with the name of Pakistan Super League. Due to Deteriorating situation it was hosted in United Arab Emirates. Pakistan Authorities announced to hold final of 2017 PSL in Lahore But the Lahore bombing this week has raised some serious questions on the fate of PSL final  and cricket in Pakistan.   

Peshawar Zalmi wins against Lahore Qalandars in PSL 2017

Peshawar Zalmi wins against Lahore Qalandars in PSL 2017

The final of Pakistan Super League (PSL) was all set to be held in Lahore, when very tragic thing happened that resulted in altered decision of PSL chairman regarding PSL final. That tragedy was a bomb blast in Lahore on a busy Mall road when a rally was proceeding. Many pharmacists were included in a rally infront of provincial assembly buildings and the purpose behind was to protest against the changes in drug sale law. It has been claimed uptill now that 13 lives have been wasted in the result of this blast. After this blast, now the question has been arised that whether the PSL final would be held in Lahore or not?
According to PSL chairman Najam Sethi, the blast has made it very difficult to bring foreign players in Pakistan for PSL final. From the time PSL has announced about final to be held in Lahore, the question regarding which player will visit Paksitan has emerged. Few days back during his briefing regarding Lahore security to foreign players, he mentioned about mindset of players that they are not still prepared for PSL final. Therefore, by February 24, or 25 another draft will be made if players could not decide about their visit. In that draft, PSL will see which foreign player from any team is willing to visit Pakistan and to play for selected team.
Regarding reactions of foreign players on hearing blast news, Sethi mentioned that what he can tell exactly. It is quite abvious that people very already terrified and suspicious about security situation and now they will be more. According to him it is very difficult to assure that if he would become successful in convincing foreign players or not as they also have their families and their organizations will conduct them on this matter.
Whether to go ahead in Lahore for final or not? Sethi has left this decision on public. He asked the public to decide if they want a PSL final in Lahore with only Pakistani players or PSL final in Dubai with both foreign and Pakistani players as well. As far as his personal point of view is concerned, he wants PSL final to be held in Lahore. As he wants to tell terrorist that we have not gotten scared after this blast and to show them that we can still do it. According to Sethi many people were calling him too saying whatever the matter may be, PSL final should be held in Lahore.

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